Serendipity Alliance Background

Serendipity Alliance is a multidisciplinary group of innovative educators from all walks of life – medical, therapists, technicians, educators, business administrators, theologians, lawmakers, lawyers, political activists, suicide survivors – moms, dads, sisters, brothers, family members – all sharing a personal, common compassion and determination to eliminate suicide by improving mental health services and wellness for all people, creating a healthier world community.

Mission Statement

Give a voice to the voiceless through advocacy. Empower accountable individuals to build bridges for needed services by utilizing available resources wisely, and in so doing, save lives. Eliminate suicide by listening to survivors, researching transformational person-centered healthcare practices, and identifying community services needing transformation. Inform our society with research and training to align person-centered, family-driven services for those in need of innovative healthcare practices. Educate at-risk individuals, families and communities.

Meet the Board

George D. Patrin, MD, MHA – President

Dr. George Patrin is Founder and President of Serendipity Alliance. His medical career began as a hospital orderly and county paramedic, then board-certified Army Pediatrician and Masters of Healthcare Administration. Fellowship training included family advocacy and child abuse. Retiring after 23 years of service, COL Patrin was the Army Exceptional Family Member Program and TRICARE-Europe Medical Director arranging for special medical care needs overseas, and commanded the Northern California Medical Detachment and Presideo of Monterey Health Clinic. He deployed twice, to Saudi Arabia and Bosnia. Since 2000, Dr. Patrin has been a staunch advocate, consultant, and educator on population-based, community health and readiness, assisting in writing the guidelines for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Integrated Healthcare Delivery. With the death of his son, Andrew, to suicide in 2007 at 20 years of age, George added Suicide Prevention to his passions. He volunteers for the “I’m Alive” Crisis Chat Line and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Healthcare Executives. He and his wife, Pam, live in San Antonio, TX.


Sue Donovan – Member at Large

Sue Donovan has a doctorate in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education and worked in that field for over 40 years, specializing in family involvement and advocacy as a service provider, program director, and consultant. She worked with young children at risk for suicide and lost a family member to suicide. She was the on-site Project Manager for the contract providing therapists and early intervention staff to the Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) clinics for the Army, Air Force, and Navy in Europe, Korea, and Japan. She serves as an at-large member of the board and lives in Portland, Maine.




Pam Patrin – Member at Large

Pam Patrin provides the family-perspective to Serendipity Alliance (23 years as a military spouse). After obtaining an Apparel Arts certificate from the Vocational Technical Institute in Minneapolis, MN, Pam began raising her three boys, volunteering in elementary school classes and Sunday school. Work as a Garment Piece Worker, Christmas (Santa) Photo Taker, Sales Clerk and Buyer Clerical, in-home Day Care Provider, and Central Supply Aide for a County Medical Center make her well-suited to understanding the needs of working families. Mrs. Patrin received the prestigious Dr. Mary E. Walker Medical Command Award at the Presidio of Monterey in California, where her work as Commander’s wife was key in establishing a one-stop in-processing center for military students at the Defense Language Institute. Pam passionately promotes suicide prevention programs since the untimely death of her 20 year old son, Andrew, in April 2009 and is a champion for families and healthcare reform in partnership with her husband. Pam lives in San Antonio, TX, loving and caring for two granddaughters in Austin.




Lindy Williamson – Training Director

Lindy Williamson serves Serendipity Alliance as the training director.  Her experience spans hospitals, mental health agencies, emergency services, military, schools, businesses, churches and service organizations. Lindy has worked with Green Cross, CISM Teams, the Red Cross and FEMA to provide assistance for both first responders and victims and is a Certified Professional Coach, who specializes in Trauma Recovery and Empowerment.  Additionally, Lindy  volunteered or worked with the staff of the 2-1-1 Hotline for suicide prevention in Charleston, SC and has served as consultant and trainer for the National Veterans Foundation toll free Hotline for Veterans and their families from 2007-2011.

A crisis response provider for Employee Assistance Organizations, Lindy regularly teaches Critical Incident Stress Management Classes with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and is a keynote speaker and panelist at national symposiums and conferences serving the needs of mental health agencies and emergency services on the state, regional and national level.


Patti Derr – Education Director
Patti formed and directed The Federation of Families of Texas for over 23 years. Her organization of family and youth advocates has brought their much needed voice to the center of innovative program planning and initiation of National individual child initiatives with a family focus. The dedicated staff and volunteer youth and families serve as invaluable change agents for integrated mental health services and support for children, youth, and their families throughout Texas. They bring expertise, passion and commitment to strengthening the statewide system of care family network, establishing youth and family leaders, maintaining personal relationships with influential policymakers, and drive to integrate school and medical programs providing child and family mental health and developmental services. Patti has a remarkable drive and ability to overcome initial defensiveness and resistance, turning it into cooperation and individualized services for children in schools, medical clinics, and homes. She excels in providing ongoing training to youth, families, and service providers in the Texas Legislative process and educational legal precedents, while providing opportunities to participate in Youth Policy Day at the state capital, private meetings in legislator’s offices, and locally at city and county events. Her work leads to improved outcomes for youth with SED and provides families with connections to agencies and advocacy groups throughout the United States.