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Serendipity Alliance is an IRS registered and recognized 501c3 and tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible and end of year statements or one time receipts are available upon request. Donations are used in a variety of ways. The Consultants, including the CEO and Secretary are all unpaid volunteers, however, cost of doing business (printer ink and paper for example) is reimbursed upon request. Additional funds help support the cost to: train new volunteers by paying for attendance and travel to training, travel to speak and educate at conferences, and conduct research during preparation for projects preventing and eliminating suicide. End of year financial statements are available upon request and are public record.

Ways to Donate

Every purchase you make on Amazon will have a small portion donated to us.  Click image for more information.

You can also submit donations by going to https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/SerendipityAlliance/general