Why Serendipity?

It’s a funny thing, how random people and stories come together and we become aware that something more, something greater, has happened.

The very randomness of Serendipity- the happenstance of things coming together just right to create something that benefits humanity and the universe is why we chose the name Serendipity.  From its very inception, Serendipity Alliance has been a group of people from random walks of life who have stumbled upon one another and connected.

Sadly, we have all connected over one thing alone:  suicide.  Everyone who is part of Serendipity Alliance has lost a loved one to suicide or been suicidal themselves.  We recognize the danger to the fabric of society and the loss of precious lives, often the most creative and tenderest of hearts, forever gone from this place.  We also believe that suicide is preventable if we just attend to it and begin to believe.

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