The best tool to prevent suicide is education.  It is the first route that the team of Serendipity Alliance chooses; educating our clients and communities so that we do not need to advocate, but instead can walk with and encourage each person to be a part of the solution.


While we prefer to educate first, the consultants of Serendipity Alliance understand that when we are fighting for our lives or a loved ones life, it can get overwhelming, especially when we don’t know the systems we are working with.  Serendipity Alliance Team comes together to help advocate when you are unable to do so for yourself or your loved one.


No matter what you are up against, we are here to support you.  Each case is different and we tailor our care and support to meet your needs.  Sometimes that is just a listening ear, in other circumstances it may mean connecting you to additional resources.  No matter what, we don’t leave you alone, we believe in warm hand-offs and relationship building.

Resource and Referral

The truth is, why re-invent the wheel?  Serendipity Alliance is not here to duplicate services, but instead to be an umbrella over the gaps in services and to aide clients in bridging services and care with a warm hand and education.  We are thrilled to have an extensive resource and referral network to offer you as needed.

Next Steps…

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Suicide ends here, with us, one relationship at a time.